Waving my light fitting wand...

I saw this image today and it reminded me of a house I see every day and each time I look at the light fitting I just wish I could put something else in their beautiful home. It's one exactly like this one here and personally I just don't feel it does the house the justice it deserves. It looks to me as though the designer choose it as it was the 'fashionable' thing to do at the time. Don't get me wrong, I love fashion and I actually think the light fitting would look perfect in the right home, just sometimes I don't think fashion applies to every possible design opportunity.

It's such a lovely home and the people who live in their are just a delight so I actually feel bad every time I look at the light and wish that I could wave my wand and swap it for something else. The home needs some thing fabulous and industrial like a big cluster of different sized glass ball light fittings, hanging together by metal rods. And at night time the lighting feature will look grand and stylish and fit perfectly with the home's aesthetic.

Does anyone else have the same thoughts to me around "fashionable" things and everything having a place? Perhaps i'm also being a fuss pot... Kellie xx

Room from Ngoc Minh Ngo x

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