SYTYCD Week 1 Project: Accessories...Weathered Details in the Master Bedroom

SYTYCD Week 1 Project: Accessories

Welcome, SYTYCD fans! If you remember, I am a contestant in the So You Think You Can Decorate competition hosted by Alchemy Junk. This is the kick-off post for Week 1 of the competition. The theme is Accessories.

The first section of this post is my actual entry. In section two, I've included some additional photos and information just for you! And, in section three, there is a link for you to go vote for your favorite decorator project over at SYTYCD.


Accessories are a decorator's best friends! What simpler way to add personal style, character, and oomph to a room. On a recent trip to my favorite shopping place (starts with a TJ and ends with a Maxx), I spied these fabulous basket-style lanterns. Inspiration struck! I finally had a direction for a still unaccessorized area in our recent master bedroom renovation...

Here is what was in the room already. This fabulous grey bench, with its weathered patina, is perfect along this long wall, and it is great for putting on shoes in the morning. The mirror, though unframed, adds a relaxed feel as it casually leans against the wall. Since all the light comes from two windows on the opposite wall, the mirror helps bounce additional light around the room. Would you agree that this wall still needed something though?

Here is where the grey basket lanterns and a rusty salvaged "Y" come into play. Like the mirror, the "Y" is simply leaning against the wall. The lanterns, with a couple small candles, bring varying heights and some warmth to the space. Tanner was overseeing the project. Since he doesn't have thumbs, he is giving his ears up approval.

Mr. Greyhound (a rescued Greyhound bus sign) was hung just above the bench and mirror. I fell in love with him at Oronoco Gold Rush Days last August. The Greyhound sign reminds me of my own Tanner when he is out running at full speed...nothing makes him happier (except swimming!).

Two lanterns, a big "Y", and a greyhound later, this formerly barren space has some casual character. My favorite part is that the neutrals in these three pieces blend well with the other colors and materials in the room. As usual, I love to mix unexpected industrial finds with earthy traditional pieces.


You know I can't take only five photos of a space, right? Here are some more shots to whet your accessories whistle!

I adore unique finds...especially vintage/antique signs, rusty metal what-nots, weathered pieces, and junk that comes with a history or story attached to it. The greyhound draws me in on every level. A perfectly imperfect junk accessory.

This "Y" actually has a special meaning for me. Remember my inspirational vintage toaster project that featured the phrase "question everything"? This "Y" is a lot like that in the sense that it acts as a "Why?" It reminds me to reflect on things daily...not in a negative sense of "Why did this happen to me?," but in a positive way that creates clarity and personal empowerment.

If you are curious about the barn-style door on the entry to the master bath, it is one of my favorite parts of our recent master bedroom makeover. There is a matching barn-style door on the entry to my walk-in closet. Both doors were rescued from a renovation project on a midwestern university campus. The look was inspired by the closet doors that junking guru, Sue Whitney of JUNKMARKET Style, put in her daughter's bedroom. Thanks, Sue, for your inspired design concept!

If you would like to see who else inspires me, please visit my new Inspiration page. I've started a list of other bloggers who provide me with never-ending inspiration in terms of style, creativity, friendship, humor, spirit, etc. That is the true gift of blogging and junking...communities of people who make our lives better. Thank you to all the followers, subscribers, and commenters who visit me regularly. You add to my happiness!


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Head on over to SYTYCD to view the other entries and cast your vote!

Voting polls are open until midnight (MST) on Friday, March 5.

Y'all come back now, y'hear?

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